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Mountain Pine Beetle - This insect is always present in the Colorado forest and needs tree spraying. In the past few years the pine beetle population has been on the rise. We are now in an epidemic stage. Visit our page devoted to controlling mountain pine beetle.

Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid - Spray in spring and again in fall to prevent new galls from forming.

Dwarf Mistletoe  - This common parasitic plant makes its home on pine trees. It’s a weed! We can prune it out of your trees or spray to keep it from spreading. Every situation is different, so let a Certified Arborist help you mitigate Dwarf Mistletoe.

White Pine Weevil - This insect is known for its damage to the tops of Spruce Trees. Our Spruce spraying program of two sprays, spring and fall, will control this pest. Infested tops should be pruned out.

Ips Beetle  - This relative of Pine Beetle can now often be treated with just one application of "Astro" insecticide. Spray early in the season before beetles get active.

Aspen Disease  - Aspen trees are susceptible to numerous insects and diseases. Preventative sprays will help control leaf fungus, but two or three applications are usually necessary. A soil injection of fertilizers and systemic insecticide provides up to two years of protection from insects. Aspens are difficult, so an onsite diagnosis is usually required.

Needle Scale  - Please check your trees for this pest! Many of our local Blue Spruce are getting attacked by Pine Needle Scale. It is shown above living on the LAM Tree can help mitigate needle scaleneedles of a Spruce tree. It appears as small, white flecks on the needle primarily on the interior portions of the branches. They can cause stress in the plant that will lead to a decline in health and sometimes death. Management of armored scales is more difficult than for soft scales and aphids, since their hard shells protect them from most topical insecticides. Fortunately there are insecticides that can be used to systemically treat hard scales. The scales ingest this insecticide while feeding. One treatment per year will usually reduce most hard scale populations to non-damaging levels. Please contact LAM Tree Service if you notice this is affecting your trees.

Lawn Programs  - Most mountain properties don’t have the typical turf grass areas. We offer programs custom suited to mountain lawns. Whether your lawn is typical or not we can help with diseases, bare spots or the annual weed and feed and winterization.

Noxious Weed Management  - Noxious weeds are difficult and labor intensive to control. Sometimes they just seem to rear their ugly seed heads no matter what you do. Let us help! With our approach of herbicide spraying, native grass seeding and biological controls those tough weeds don’t stand a chance.
Learn how to ID Colorado weeds here.

Root Treatments  - There is a reason for that old saying “Getting to the root of the problem”. Most of our trees roots have been mistreated and neglected. We have a number of techniques we utilize to revive plants roots. When your trees, shrubs and landscape plants have healthy roots they are disease resistant and more aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s a simple fertilization or a detailed soil analysis we’ll get to the root of the problem!

Other Diseases  - Call our office for advice, or have us out for a consultation. Let our I.S.A Certified Arborists be your guide to a healthy, beautiful landscape.

For more information go to http://www.ext.colostate.edu/index.html


For more information, click the following article from Colorado Serenity:

"Bark Beetles of the Front Range: Misconceptions and Truths"
By Mike Goldblatt

Timelines for Tree and Lawn
Treatments 2012

Ips Beetle

Late Feb. through Mid-April

Poplar Borer


Spruce Beetle/
Douglas Fir Beetle


Cooley Spruce Gall/
White Pine Weevil

April/May again August/Sept.

Tree Root Treatments

April/May or August/September

Aspen Fungus/Insects

Mid-April through July

Mountain Pine Beetle

May through July

Lawn Care/ Weed Control

April through September

Dwarf Mistletoe

Late July through August